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The ideology behind my position as a dandy, has always been deepened by my continuous desire to share, my philosophical growth, along with my enamoring obsession of spiritual/physical style. The identity of the dandy is not beholden to any sex, creed or race, we each share an appreciation for aesthetics and are reaching for multiple chapters of self-discovery and lastly, understanding the sublime. As of now, this digital scape is purely an observance of my own transformation, in accordance with all of the social parameters around me, a conducive nature, explanation of so, with the nerve of prose, visual discourse and my interaction with, per often fashion. There is never a complete erasure, but there is power in editing your pillars, to build a sincere environment not only for you but your psyche. (welcome)


“…rapidly becoming tastemakers and changing the way “our” America functions”…(2011)