8:15 PM MUSE. (The Hics | Lines (Demo)

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Goodmorning, Glory

  The Libertine The pleasure of moving, others to physical expression, is glory, manifested through social climates, cold, hard, warm and loving any given moment. The passion that has guided, me, here, the… Continue reading

Life’s Journey: Life Goes On | Lafayette Stokley (Letter of Appreciation)

Words From Lafayette: “This project was truly a Journey. This same day last year I was releasing my first solo EP titled “Life’s Journey.” I’ve been in New York for a year now… Continue reading

Goodmorning, Glory

We go hand in hand, we speak to the brutality of confusion, the anatomical bond between our own energetic spirits. I am in awe of what, these hands will create and what these… Continue reading

The Sartorialist Pick of The Day

“Calme”: The Sartorialist. Chance lifts, this shot into, a realm of coveted observance. For us, a simple documentation of your chosen hues and textures pleasure the mind’s hindsight of what we deem fashionable.… Continue reading


  Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, 1995 (oil on canvas)…Freud…

Stein’s Shoes, FulFilled (Gertrude Salons | Experience)

In light of Gertrude Stein’s inevitable influence on the relationship between literature, art and collection the ability to conquer the mode of communal artistic exhibition in today’s context requires doing so, through the… Continue reading

Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine  What happens when the legend believes, he is really the illegitimate son of success, or the marking of gifted. What does one do with his old self, does he lock him… Continue reading


Grooming: Beard or No Beard?

There is a beautiful mystifying effect when a man has two things: an effortless fit and a well groomed beard. The beard has been a staple of the gentleman’s wardrobe for years. Well… Continue reading

The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

Cher botanique: The Sartorialist The sweetest account has been of the youthful ambience of words fully expressed to give you and I departure and reaction, a relationship in peculiarity. These notes, however, are… Continue reading

Dandy Plug: “Gentleman’s Facial Serum”- Red Hook

Brooklyn Grooming: “Gentleman’s Facial Serum”- Red Hook ….. Non-pore damaging, soothing and graceful in the area of follicle nutrients. Endorsed!

Goodmorning, Glory

This always seems to, move me. As if, I am entrapped in  a field of utter confusion, lost will during the day, for the night and the trials of evening. The cinema, the… Continue reading