Thank you, for the pose Queen. This is a monumental shot, for the both of us. I oblige you guys to visit this artisan’s website and portfolio, one of the more prolific… Continue reading

Goodmorning, Glory

There has always been a yearning within me, to proclaim, my losses, and defame my winnings, as I create, with a key sense of warning and paranoia. The guttural waves of attention that,… Continue reading

“SAMPLE” – West, McQueen, and Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine (Photo by Steven Klein)  The maniacal, cry of a relentless product of social relevance and consistently redeemed morality. A space, mental, shaped by ridicule, control and anxiety, now comfortably resting in… Continue reading

Dandy Plug: Paige Powell & Suzanne Geiss Company: Reclining Nudes (Jean-Michel Basquiat)

cc: Ashley Monét Mackey: BFLVR Walls covered with documented film plates of a once armed soldier,  loosely fit, for the normative and a simplistic view of what should, look, feel, taste and sound… Continue reading

Digital Intricacies • @askjelly

As the digital community grows, the interactivity between app and being is a close margin, that has become a current interest of finite pretenses. With entities offering speed, data sharing and inevitable modem… Continue reading

Dandy Plug: N. Hoolywood S/S ’12 Angular Bomber

One of the most relevant pieces in my own wardrobe, this bomber has held me down in styling mistakes and successes. Given as an incentive from my opportunity to walk for the brand,… Continue reading


The waist length cloak, consumed by multiple personality disorder, leaving each season with ambiguous flair. This season, as the world watched designers share their ideas for social critique, appreciation and covet, outerwear is… Continue reading

Pitti Uomo 85…Select Ten (Part II)

A &H MAG NSS Mag Still Masculin She Got Her Own  His Style Diary Capsule

Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine These days are lightly understood, so I confuse myself daily, on my actions, my needs and preferences, one of my first trials with a rib of my own, damaged me beyond… Continue reading

Pitti Uomo 85…Select Ten (Part I)

The Style Raconteur Grafic Permanent Style Ethan Desu D’Marge

Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine The perfect sense of admiration, the wonder of wandering sheep and the inner being that is, my addictive, repenting soul. I am in the action of preserving, destroying and defending. I… Continue reading

The Sartorialist Pick of The Day

Le millionième Gaze: The Sartorialist The stunning wit, of the portrait beguiles my every move, leaves me stuck, misinformed, directed and told of what you claim to be, thank you. The fabrication, we… Continue reading

Suicidal Thoughts…..(2013)

So dying is what causes you to see the endless loops of creation, that I have  managed to build from a blank slate, filled with echoes of forgiveness and remorseless, the fetal positioned… Continue reading

SOURCE | Valverde’s Interest

“Seek him, thou sun, in the dread wilderness, 
For that he loved thee, seek thou him and bless 
His upturned face with one divine caress.Lightly, thou wind, over his dear, dark head, 
Where now the wings… Continue reading