Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine  Lost and confused is the manner in which we carry, ourselves, the power in which we continue to forge mistakes and build lessons. When I am in the midst of navigating,… Continue reading

The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

The Sartorialist The portraiture of what is to come, in your ethereal detail. The skin of a muse and the attentive splendor of an appreciative. We offer and then we share, we become,… Continue reading

12:40 AM MUSE. (Phoebe Philo)


Coding For All…Even The Little Ones (HopScotch)

As of late, I have taken a sincere interest in the details of the modern skill set, and its transformation through the years since the dawning of all things tech. The digital community… Continue reading

Goodmorning, Glory

It is the powerful clamoring of a sincere lost. The perfection of executing a mistake, the blissful smell of taking away, a longing of knowing what is between your comforted love, you have… Continue reading


Lately, this has been my road runner for almost every fit, it is certainly one of my favorite’s. A staple piece for most of my sartorial/mid sartorial looks. A simple cardigan but the… Continue reading



It’s been a while, so here are two photos, of me…. Both photos, were taken by my brother in development, Gino Jokbengboon of @archaic_goods! Most certainly, entrenched in the clasp of all shades of… Continue reading


A just due, perfection, you and I owe ourselves. The manner in which an angel is provided to enlist the most pivotal moments of your blossoming, for their appreciative desires. This is a… Continue reading

10:28 AM MUSE. (Jan Kornstaedt)

    Jan Kornstaedt

Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine For the anxious warrior, the relentless fight, of the confused, the aesthete’s doubtful, spirit in moderation. I can see the endless, the perspiration of forever, dripping onto cloth of my imagination,… Continue reading

7:21 AM MUSE. (Jennifer Bornstein “Untitled 2014”)

Jennifer Bornstein · Whitney Biennial.

Goodmorning, Glory

At last, the pain is mistakingly, avoidable, but the yearn of the masochist is stronger than the will of a strengthened angel of, hope and joy. What if I am obsessed with the… Continue reading

The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

Le Bosom Nourri De Beauté: The Sartorialist The pirated blossom, chosen from time not of my own but borrowed again in this, opportunity of beauty recognition and more importantly, covet. This long winded,… Continue reading