Construction with thought…Designer Scott Kendall.

Two years ago, I met with Kendall Scott in a cramped Broadway Starbucks location where we discussed artistry, clothing, modernism and the inspiration behind many of the pieces in his portfolio. Backtrack three… Continue reading

Last year: Mary.

Last year my beautiful aunt Mary R. Lanier turned 71 years old. With final papers and exams, scheduled during her birthday week I promised her  a custom calendar with my photography, That was… Continue reading

Athens: New Renaissance.

Remember the upcoming magazine I spoke of about two months ago? Well I am proud to say that Athens: New Renaissance is currently moving towards production, and slated for publication at the bottom… Continue reading


This video is both inspiring and a wake up call. The video is by Ben Breedlove, an 18 year old who passed away on Christmas due to heart complications. The video stood out… Continue reading


More than a thought, more than a dream. I knew my life would turn out to be an existence of special occasion and I was damn right. In two hours I will stand… Continue reading

Recent Article “Bed-Stuy And Its Dandies”

Recently asked to write for my college’s newspaper I was influenced by my study of Dandyism. Below is a rough draft of the article. Fortunately, my journalism instructor advised me to create a… Continue reading