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DANDY PLUG: Michael Bastian + Gant Rugger // The MB Jimmy Crew Neck Sweater

I think this post has derived from necessity haha! According to the reception on my social media platform, this is one of the most classic pieces of my choosing as of late.The F/W… Continue reading

NOW PLAYING: Raury “Indigo Child”// Superfly

Raury: Indigo Child 

Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine  Learning, the lenient span of time and his unknowingly modest efforts of shaping my ideas on the elements, that have once shaped me. I was once driven by the sake of… Continue reading


The Wapping Project: Yohji Making Waves 

Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine  An unwavering sight, an unwarranted touch, layering my peak of consciousness until I am no more. I am a just being, a spiritual martyr, I listen faintly to the war cries… Continue reading


Dandy Plug: “Gant Rugger // Ocean Wave Camo Short”

These shorts have been my go to, for quite some time now. I am the least fashionable in my circle of creatives but there are some key pieces in my wardrobe, I usually wear… Continue reading


In true New York fashion, I managed to sneak in a photo-shoot with photographer Andre L. Perry who now rests in the top ten list of photographers, I favor. The weather permitted the… Continue reading

Goodmorning, Glory

The Libertine  All I hear is static noise, annoyances, lost vocals begging for understanding, clawing at their nerves to get a bearing, a sense of stability but there is so much mist, they… Continue reading


on my way to the Whitney in a few…(review following)

Re/Visiting: Textures & Vibrancy…Been A While. (THANK YOU)

As of late, on my exponentially long list of tasks, I have promised to stay afloat just enough to keep you guys in the know, and informed of my city dwellings, doings and… Continue reading

Goodmorning, Glory

The resistance, is silenced by my rule. I am more than a blessing, I am a morsel of hope, claim and wonder. The braggadocio intent, of a declarative adventure, and more so a… Continue reading


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