(pillar) • Mamie B. Thomas

Once before I managed to design a memoir for Mamie B. Thomas. The passing of my grandmother, reminded me of the coarseness of life’s poetry, and the fragility of the mind and tongue. Mamie is and forever stands as a beacon of what my DNA is, now and in the future tense. Although her vocals no longer resonate in vibrancy, her philosophy is existent in the ethic of my maternal and the lineage of women in my nuclear. I come from a tribe of women, settled in ways of digression, wishes of retribution and old ways of practicing this thing called, life. This blog, along with my delivery of my transformation is an ode to Mamie, and the women whose woes I bear in color, often in the prose of a child, learning the ways of a student. I love you grandma, I breathe your essence, as long as I am here, you are endless. (endless)