THE FIGHT WHICH ROSE FROM PIMPIN’ (to begin) 9:00 AM MUSE. (Kendrick Lamar)

 “To Pimp A Butterfly” via Spotify
There’s major solitude within Lamar’s new composition, a stern thread of marginalized arguments, untapped motives, angst and power. This time, our skin was brought to the sun, not for mere adoration, but complete understanding. The reason behind my jealousy towards my brother, why my brother continues to serve as my enemy and not my heart. Every year, we wish to hear these ideologies from a sensible soapbox, a martyr who lusts war but comprehends words as the breakthrough for us all.
But how long can we continue to speak on these issues, until the river asks us what more do we wish to possess? A CLEANSE? A WASHING OF THE FILTH, that is racism or should we just used the resource as a mirror, a virtual space where our truths show their complete mauling of being under-appreciated and over abused. As I marched along my daily steps from occupation to familial love with this album serving as my sonic grounds, I noticed how many men of my diaspora are either displaced from their culture, have abandoned their position as black men in America +  even more, in an environment where their skin is more than currency but cultural capital for war or disengagement.
I find my feet, solid firm, stuck in a space of losing what I have gained, detailing my roots in any given moment when such is spiritually needed but when can I give my truths without being the NIGGA, yelling once more about his woes, his pain, his confusion. I am more than aware of who I am, Lamar consciously builds us into a space of royalty, you know this is our culture, touted and cherished, when the value is seen + realized. I can admit, this is but a mere snippet/anecdote of my complete feelings toward the album but one thing is for sure, these stories begin when we end, if we allow them too, but if we utilize our time, to remain WOKE then we will prosper. Haha proofreading this, I realized this is supremely a rant or rambling of some sort, guess it’s in the water…..