Goodmorning, Glory

mauvaThe Libertine

Unforgivable, and yet we find attachment to mistakes which will never return in reward or grace. I am not the man of splendor, nor am I the gentleman of suffice recollection but my mistakes, these lessons devour utopian grids of happiness which uplift those around me. I pretend, and I smile in the face of adversity, but crumble to the sound of your name when I am pained by my wrongs. Your struggle isn’t mine, your struggle isn’t pure, your struggle is full of “more” of what? more of you garnering love from unwarranted spaces, from beguiled truths, from harmful lies spread by lips of pleasure, my lips. I have lied to you, but I have also given you life. Your happiness is a reincarnation of confusion, as we share time + time alone for a promised understanding which will never come, ever come, believe and come. just come. again. ❤ good morning,