We arrive again, at the helm of wintry weather and more so, temperatures in favor of the ever-lasting, beaten feather packed, waterproof scoundrels of our wardrobe poised for yet another appearance. That’s right, winter is here once again. Living in NYC has exposed my wardrobe to quite a few changes and one thing remains consistent, a bad-ass, objective, reliable coat for the chill nights and frigid mornings. From the early days of my momma’ snuggling me from head to toe in thermal and the OG thermal-insulate hats, I have kept the idea of donning a coat worthy of a two year staple in my collection, but most importantly functioning, considerably 80% down and up, throw in a little flair, fabric switch up, details, and we’re goldie. My latest stints into the retail field have brought my attention to some amazing winter pieces, and others that have found themselves object of late night discussion, albeit winter throw aways. The outerwear of this season offer so much from waterproof fabric, slimmer silhouettes and calmer colors well depending on your brand of choice, but here’s a list of some of my favorites from this season (menswear of course)

camouflageA Bathing Ape // @ABathingApeUS //

I’ll begin with the coveted Bathing Ape F/W collection!  What continues to mesmerize me is the resonance the brand continues to have amongst streetwear // menswear enthusiasts. BAPE is a staple of timeless stature, often the classic camouflage print, offering a strong sense of tradition and culturally aware palette. Here in NYC Bathing Ape still is the SH*T! and the absolute most honorable salute to the brand is donning their classic down coat with the all-powerful camo print, or their Gore-tex Anoraks usually in camo print, or if the house is feeling a bit funky, a quick switch up in color base. Rather than selecting one piece from their collection, (which is hella hard) I decided to go the easy route and provide a healthy, green swatch for memories sake, and you know it just looks SOOOOOO good! But, I have provided a link to my choicest cut from their line, either way, funk, gore-tex and monkeys, are always in.

Gentry-Ten C Shearling Liner
Ten C  Shearling Flyer // @gentrynyc // Gentry NYC

I have always admired the curative aim of Williamsburg’s own Gentry. Gentry has become one of my guilty pleasures, why you ask? Well to begin the roster of brands the space has are impeccable and have led me to believe all American design, should take a lesson from Japanese culture + construction. Also, the price points are a little high but investing in a piece from Junya Wantanabe or CDG Homme isn’t the worst move actually the contrary, you’ll be picking up an heirloom for years to come, well at least that’s what I tell myself to feel better when the card is swiping. The Ten C Shearling Flyer is the epitome of not sacrificing style for functionality, whereas this piece is charged by a warm palette and sharp lines which contrasts perfectly with the length. This coat deserves a place next to a new bottle of whiskey, and small mini mint toothpicks, aesthetically reminiscent of your granddaddy’s coat from back in the day. I recommend this coat for the bad-ass in all of us!


Canada Goose: Chilliwack Bomber // @atriumnyc //

THE GOOSE!!! Funny story when I was kid my mom made sure I was in a goose every year, maybe even a Woolrich piece if the outlet was in driving distance…no that can’t be right, she may have purchased one to last my entire childhood, yeah that sounds more like my mom. All in all, I managed to have one of these classic feather busters, as a child and remember being completely unaware of the purpose of wearing such a huge coat, until my actual reception to cold weather picked up around seven. The all around functional Canada Goose is a win-win, I mean it has to be, if children are warranted in their secured warmth. This goose in particular is water resistant and works to conquer the disparity found in torrential downpour, a quality we all need when it comes to the “DO WHAT I WANT” weather of NYC. If you’re interested in a classic piece, I certainly recommend the Chilliwack Bomber, or if you are in search of an outerwear piece a little more refined, the following offering may be just right for you.


Zara: Hooded Short Coat // @zara //

Good ol’ Zara, I must admit in the past two months, they have succeeded most brands who were in my top ten, especially for their trouser work which is often underrated. I have fallen in love with Zara’s creative direction as of late, as it speaks to the minimalist in me thirsting for clean, direct, yet ambiguously natured visuals. Before I start ranting, this coat definitely caught my eye for a bevy of reasons. The silhouette of this coat is certainly a modern fit conceptually over-sized + tapered. The faux fur is tonal enough for a stark contrast between the black palette and leather accents of the coat’s adjustment. I particularly enjoy the length as it is long enough for secured warmth and truncated to improve any winter wardrobe choices. I highly recommend this coat, as the price point sits at a comfortable 89x allowing you to save both your knack for functionality and style.

photo (13) copy 2
 The more and more we move into the potential polar vortex which usually appears during this time of year, greater the need will be for a sufficient, yet style desired outerwear piece. When in doubt, a thrift store is also another medium for an awesome find, you know one man’s trash is another…you get the deal 🙂