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So I totally didn’t tell you guys, but last week I managed to take a completely off radar trip to Miami (South Beach) and if you’re wondering of course it was for Art Basel 🙂 During my trip, I learned a few things and in true mixxy blog form, I have decided to give you guys my life’s lessons in list format. ARE YOU READY?

1. Bring all + I mean ALL of your trips necessities in your carry-on!

I made the completely novice mistake in leaving my headphones, IPad and book in my carry-on which was at least ten feet away from my seat on the flight. You would think grabbing my bag would be something of little to no difficulty, but nah!!!!! such was not the case! On my way back, I certainly held most of my goods in hand so the ride back wasn’t as boring, but thanks to my newly rendered social media mind, two hours with no content left me like….


2. UBER is your (over-charged) best friend!


Upon my return I laughed at how many times I requested an UBER during my stay, thinking to myself if NYC me, would ever do the same in BK or travel around Manhattan + the answer is HELL NO! The only visual stuck in my head from my Basel-UBER experience is the lighting bolt and the affirming surcharge attached to my ride since almost every night was considered “prime time” I mean I had no other choice, and saw no guilt paying a little more for comfort but after going through my emailed receipts, one word arose in full form: BOUGIE!!!

3. Dress in athletic gear when attending a Drake party.

This shouldn’t be taken lightly, I know the most fashionable thing to do would consider rocking your favorite A.P.C denim + some Chelsea boots, Nikes etc. but I would “x” out anything you may consider valuable, moving with something comfortable. Let’s not forget if the party just so happens to be at a private residence about 8 miles away from your Air BnB rental then you must use your over-charged friend UBER 🙂 All in all awesome party, Drake DJ’d a set, and I saw mink rugs for the first time, definitely a good night! I will say this though, Solange had a little bit more NEW YORK in her tune arrangement.

3. FLUB THE PARTIES! The art is pretty amazing too!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetBeata Chrzanowska // West West // Oil/Acrylic on Canvas // 2013

I walked Lincoln Rd, and ended up near my first stop on my satellite fair lineup “Untitled” the fair featured a few of my favorite things: Chicago based artist Andrew Holmquist, art startup Curiator + awesome bags!! “Untitled” may have a bit of leverage over the other fairs since it was my first stop but it sincerely was an enjoyable experience. Following was the Scope International Contemporary Art Fair which was also a huge pleasure and so NEW YORK! This year the fair played host to Swizz Beat’s “Dean Collection” and Bowery’s own Wallplay Gallery with work by the angelic Lina Viktor. By the end of Scope I was already a little beat but I fueled up, and made my way to Pulse + Select calmer in energy but still great work from my good friend artist Beata Chrzwkowska + Rashaad Newsome’s installation: “The Conductor“. By the end of the day, I was pooped but made my way to NADA Art Fair closing the deal with Clearing Gallery of Bushwick.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetAndrew Holmquist // Edge of The Pool // 44in x 77in // 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetUntitled Art Fair (this one eluded caption capture, I was too blown away by the colors) 

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset(yeah this one too, haha sorry my curator instincts left for the aesthetics)

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image (5) copy(walking from the bathroom, and stumbled upon this beauty of course)

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(quick walk to Scope Contemporary Art Show + sand in  my Stan Smiths)

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetLina Viktor // Into The Blue // Wallplay Gallery 

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Jean-Michel Basquiat // Tina Kim Gallery 

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The trip was special, and one to have a few good beer discussions over, but my addiction has just begun. Am I wrong for buying my ticket for next year, before Christmas? Haha!!! See you soon Miami!