Goodmorning, Glory


The Libertine 

Learning, the lenient span of time and his unknowingly modest efforts of shaping my ideas on the elements, that have once shaped me. I was once driven by the sake of tasting the refuge of love in the lines of despair. But if it is even a glimpse of where it should go and what it all means, I truly believe our minutes would expand into something beyond us, something beyond me. I am the last component…approaching the last component of listless cooperation with plans not of my own. Jumping into a tress of miracles, patience, and mirroring ambition. If my life is a testament of wellness, the mode of how you want to live, listen to the entrails of attention you seem to ignore, any and every chance you receive. Vowels of “if” no longer plague my speech, I know more now, I can attest to more now, I can believe in more now. You’re showing me, this is my desired plan, through the sinful relaxation and the ignorance. Love yourself, I am here to help you do so. I hope I can help. goodmorning, glory.