Goodmorning, Glory


The Libertine 

An unwavering sight, an unwarranted touch, layering my peak of consciousness until I am no more. I am a just being, a spiritual martyr, I listen faintly to the war cries of docile men, but the faint whispers of intensified disparity. The lust of escape, and the profound sonics of parables of relentless struggle. I am a body of work, time and contradiction. The last stroke is always more brighter, simple  and tasteful. The process is always more messy, the mosaic of kindness unearthed, my mosaic of kindness unearthed through doubt. I’m slowly dying, I know this is something you truly didn’t expect but I am. I am slowly giving in to the power of words, using my last pillars to decipher reality and fiction. I am gasping for breath, I am alone. This morning I asked myself if killing myself was worth more than saving lives. I quietly sought answers but no one could help. So I am off to discover more new truths. goodmorning, glory – A.J.T