In true New York fashion, I managed to sneak in a photo-shoot with photographer Andre L. Perry who now rests in the top ten list of photographers, I favor. The weather permitted the synchronicity you see in these photos, aided by a whole heart and impromptu curation. The shoot was a blast, a pleasure, as I am usually one for the nerves before and behind the camera. This will not be the last time you see our talents converge, never know, I have some ideas in mind, that will render this shoot a much needed catalyst. Supremely encourage you guys, to check out the work of Andre L. Perry, and in true support of this work here are his links: Andre L. Perry (Facebook) (Tumblr) (Instagram)

A.J.T AnthonyWall anthon5 Anthony4 Anthony7 Anthony9 Anthony10 Anthony11 anthony12 anthong14

I hope you guys enjoy the results, and oh let me give you the wardrobe details: ALL GANT RUGGER! 🙂 nah here are the links!


Gant Rugger // The Hopsack Blazer (All Season-Deep Navy) 

Gant Rugger // Tuck Knit Sweater (Spring/Summer) 


Gant Rugger // Ocean Camo Short (Pre-Fall) 

Shoes: 3989