Re/Visiting: Textures & Vibrancy…Been A While. (THANK YOU)

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As of late, on my exponentially long list of tasks, I have promised to stay afloat just enough to keep you guys in the know, and informed of my city dwellings, doings and activities. My workload has increased at an astounding rate, but such does not leave me, or my place of meditation, original hub of love and family in the cold. I want to deem this platform, a re-visited area of my life that needs sustenance as well as attention as any child would. I am nothing without you guys, and you have anchored me to be the man, who I am today. Without this range of observance, I may have suffered from my own demise but you have constantly shared your interests, or even minute ounce of love and for so I am forever grateful.  From this point, you and I will have breakfast together, read together, listen together, think together and most importantly, love together. All I have to offer these days are textures, and vibrancy, living this way, has made the turmoil quite easy to handle. Enough talk though right, see you at the next post! 🙂