Goodmorning, Glory


The resistance, is silenced by my rule. I am more than a blessing, I am a morsel of hope, claim and wonder. The braggadocio intent, of a declarative adventure, and more so a traveling spiritual venture, long leveled and entrenched in a keen balancing act. The entitlement of a few, hungry children, their sorrows in my chest of living again, brimming with chances, promises, aspirations and perceived luck. Working and churning, burning old attention and maxing the last fiber of my dexterity. I am in the mode of unprofessed proclamation and reclusive ambitions. Although these hours pass quickly with relentless energy, I seem to have my blueprint in a shifting mode of adaptation and understanding. These last few days, are of understanding, these last few minutes are of understanding. These last few relationships are of understanding. goodmorning, again, glory.