The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


The Sartorialist

The portraiture of what is to come, in your ethereal detail. The skin of a muse and the attentive splendor of an appreciative. We offer and then we share, we become, when we transform our love into adoration. My lens is the compass of directing this guild towards the figures of beauty on my trek and the lease of time. The only thing worth remembering is the aperture of our union, frozen in time as we relinquish our permission and control over this photo. A Queen in your own right and the colors to reveal a spiritual trance of golden mare. Intensely, we transform while encompassing all of you in the frame of this shot. The handcrafted protection, you chose today, mirrors your strength, worth and fragility. You know, there is little enticement in the overdressed spirit, the over-garbed mind, you have the balance of the two and hold love in the apex of this portrait. I can sense this was a moment for, both you and I. I contest, we will lose this in time but gather more and more as we allow each other, to fall in the optical satisfaction of those beyond us. Belle….thank you!