Coding For All…Even The Little Ones (HopScotch)

As of late, I have taken a sincere interest in the details of the modern skill set, and its transformation through the years since the dawning of all things tech. The digital community is no longer contained to the coding labs, and expanding bringing attention to the digital community, now more than ever. Exactly one month ago, exactly, I attended New York Tech Day, with an unnerving quest to satisfy my recent thirst for everything tech. The tech community in NYC is now a strong element of commerce and business, in other words Pier 92 was incredibly PACKED!!!! The beauty of the overflow was the diversity of the audience, consisting of founders, enthusiasts and the curious, I falling under the latter. Only a few applications managed to catch my eye, and before I jumble them into the flow of this article, I will detail them here, well just a few….

Sanctri: Helps families, friends and supporters of those deceased create digital memorials.
VDMKR: Assists in executing video production tasks from editing, rendering and publishing.
PeaTix: Offers ticketing and event management, handling logistics until the end of the event’s campaign.

Amongst those mentioned, there is one application geared towards becoming one of the many mediums  connecting education and computer science in the children’s community. HopScotch is a mobile application, with one motive: introduce today’s children to the world of web development, and the wonders of coding.

Screenshot Opening Screen

Often seen as a technical hobby of the digitally inclined, constructing and de-constructing code has now become a very relevant topic in the discussion of adolescent academia. Computer science now rests in the same place as arithmetic and English comprehension, in both the American education system and abroad.  In fact a recent Times article, coding is mentioned: “…policy makers in nine states have begun awarding the same credits for computer science classes that they do for basic math and science courses, rather than treating them as electives” (New York Times, Richtel, 2014.) The structure of the web development community has never been exclusive to the adult community, but as of late there are more creators building methods for youth to explore the intricacies of computer science and providing real-time applicability to their design. HopScotch employs such model, but at the charge of doing so in an aesthetically pleasing, warm, fun and interactive way, far removed from the button-tie environment satirically associated with web design.

Founders Jocelyn Leavitt and Samantha John really take an interest in delivering the web design formula in a style conducive for optimal understanding for their core audience. The color-responsive interface offers a guided system fairly simple to follow for the little beginners, enabling the user to build their code in a mode of sensibility and attraction.

Screenshot Community

Screenshot Editor w All Characters

Screenshot Abilities Editor

Screenshot Editor

Along the lines of technical skill and curriculum HopScotch has an incredible gateway to influence the education system,  providing a wealth of opportunity for academic professionals to integrate digital comprehension, into their lesson plans. Upon my introduction to the app, first thought was the impressionable mark the application can have on learning in the classroom and home, nurturing not only a strong academic presence but instilling methods of learning which can then be shared with parents and family alike. The functionality of the platform is geared towards the children’s community, the application even appeals to adults as a step towards their own digital training.

Hopscotch stands as one of many tech startups interested in the cognitive value found in the digital world, removing partial responsibility from the classroom and enabling parents/students to engage with the tech community, at a pace form-fitting for anyone’s learning needs.  I encourage my fellow dandies to look into the platform, research, download and share your experience. I would love to hear how you guys feel about the application, along with the creators.

Jocelyn with Xianne

Founder Jocelyn Levitt with “app tester” Xianne…

🙂 This article is a product of collaboration thanks to founders Jocelyn and Samantha….HI MARGARET!!!!