Goodmorning, Glory


The Libertine

For the anxious warrior, the relentless fight, of the confused, the aesthete’s doubtful, spirit in moderation. I can see the endless, the perspiration of forever, dripping onto cloth of my imagination, confirming my deeds, my power to gouge doom, for the hopeful angels. The cleanliness of discovery and the brisk chill of foundation, harmonizing foundation is unmatched, such is the climate for the son and daughter. Such is the state, of being, endless, we are endless, the remote possibility of this all ending without influence is still, flash broken into a space of hateful reaction, and dismissal. I thought of the calm, and what such can lead you to love, but if your survival seems to lust the adoration of tumult, then adhere, believe and agree, it is then where you will find your heart needs to be and your mind’s comfort. Listening to the waves, and all along, they spoke of physical satisfaction and spiritual ambiguity. DAMN, don’t take it all away, now, so much more to offer from this colored vessel. There is a limitless, regard for the pain and the feel of satisfaction for you and I. These painstakingly fresh wounds, are being compromised for healing beyond the realm that, I know how to figuratively express, but it is here, it is present.