The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


Le Bosom Nourri De Beauté: The Sartorialist

The pirated blossom, chosen from time not of my own but borrowed again in this, opportunity of beauty recognition and more importantly, covet. This long winded, conversation is, the dialogue of a simple observant of the splendor placed upon me. So far from scorned is the colored rose, you know the “colored” rose, the rose which protested for the protection of Kings, hard for the fabrication to yield such a strong willed, blossom, but it does, miraculously carry your guild with the fragility of a million dandelion seeds, the strength of Africa’s silent, giant and his water bearing trunk. This a monumental, casting for me, you see since I am now in the depths of the swamp, the light of my own account is in the bosom of the maternal, the line between my complete existence and profound absence. As I document, the femininity, I expel my masculinity for a minute, temperament of balance, serenity, calmness and covet…and covet…and covet…I am learning, how to covet you again, possession of nature, I adore your ensemble, the crowning, you insist on sharing with me, today, but if this is an ode to beauty, a portrait of style, then, I must proclaim, the mechanical search for the aesthetic is absurd, if nature produces, subjects such as you! The nurtured, bosom of the blessed, you are a muse. Thank you, my lens rests.