Goodmorning, Glory


At last, the pain is mistakingly, avoidable, but the yearn of the masochist is stronger than the will of a strengthened angel of, hope and joy. What if I am obsessed with the idea of sacrifice, the ideation that this was designed for the glorification of pain, what if I told lies in order to discourage those who, plan to love me, just to turn their interest into hatred, what if I love the lashings of tongues that, want to love me, but I forbade, in a merited idea of preservation, a corrupted idea of protection, what if I stole your petals, and ran to the mountain of attainment, whispering to to your absence…that was a mistake, your ghost is the honor of my lustful eye, what if I told you, I loved myself, loathe my growth and now I am alone, what if I told you, I am jealous of my expiration date, hiding from the potential energy of longevity, what if I told you, I am no longer here and this is not me, writing this, but a spirit, that has consumed my spacial contention and now wants to speak highly of his accomplishments, what if I told you I hated my skin, because it was the most powerful protector of a soul warranting escape for the enjoyment of freedom and not the torment of entrapment. But listen, fear not my anxiety, my declarative ruling of life on Earth, on this landscape of beautiful, truths. I expose the gore, the vocabulary, of the mishap, and you carry the blossoms to the den. I am always going to reminisce, forget, feel, taste and heal but what I must not chase is the power to reveal textures, as very so often, they are donated to me, for covet and I listen every time. You realize, you are not the vessel of excellence, but the spirit of a warrior pained by the fight of others and wishing to play, salvation, save them, save yourself, save yourself, your mind is depleting the madness, for insanity’s consciousness, depravity of rationality, we’re going primal, we’re going gifted, untrained barbarity, rule delineation and then again, remembering that the colored angel, delves into the black hole, because all in all there is a resemblance, keep searching for your image, you will find it, you will find it.