“SAMPLE” – West, McQueen, and Interview Magazine


Interview Magazine (Photo by Steven Klein) 

The maniacal, cry of a relentless product of social relevance and consistently redeemed morality. A space, mental, shaped by ridicule, control and anxiety, now comfortably resting in the core of a genius’s barbaric creativity. Arrested conventions and moral disposal, guide the child’s steps into the abyss, carefully listening to the sounds of internal unrest. As many, artists divulge their contradictions from successes, there are moments where such is shared, uncensored, cordial to spiritual honesty and a complete sense of awareness that cannot be replicated. This month’s issue of Interview Magazine, is engulfed by the narrative of one of the most, socially coveted contemporary artists…Kanye West. The honest truth, surrounding this article is the notation of an endangered spirit, or a warrior noticing the lack of resources needed to complete his strategic discern of warfare. Maybe that’s too brash, too aggressive but such is the man who for the past year, has sacrificed scrutiny, discretion and public concern for the outright delivery of his need to create. The anxiety of being tucked away, in a realm of labels and limitations can certainly induce mania, revealing the scorned segments of the mind/body at any given moment, leaving most to read into expression of Mr.West’s nature as barbaric, uncontrolled loud noise. Rather than create a dialogue focused on the strained fiber of his image, he manages to disclose aspirations, hopes and his mission in an objective, language safe for common commerciality. The interview spoke to many of West’s flaws, insecurities and the guard that allows him to break down but so much within the peripheral view of the public eye. McQueen, honorable in his own right, orchestrated an intense pathos of the artist’s latest trauma, but revives the empathy with a realistic look at an individual who is poignantly positioned as a former martyr, and now colored patriarch. I completely, believe human right endows each and every one of us a moment in our lives to monopolize our contradictions, into projections of fearless, declarations that can lead to revelations, chaos and enlightenment. The more challenging aspect seems to be, the panther dialogues, he continues, to present to our generation, there is always the minute moment where, the complete and utter taste of satisfaction will never reach West’s lips.