Dandy Plug: Paige Powell & Suzanne Geiss Company: Reclining Nudes (Jean-Michel Basquiat)

cc: Ashley Monét Mackey: BFLVR

Walls covered with documented film plates of a once armed soldier,  loosely fit, for the normative and a simplistic view of what should, look, feel, taste and sound good. You know why, Jean, moves me so much, primarily because his discretion was solely spiritual, every error was an intense reaction to the trails of barbarism, and civility detailed in his environment, his immediate response to it all? Create and do so without hesitation. He lived by the sermon of his heart, a religion of sole proprietorship and loneliness. The world loves the child that plays alone, so once discovered we can all share a sense of heroism. jean be well, I did not see you at my last show, but I still hope you remember to call me every once and a while. I felt you in the photo above, but only for a brief moment, we all have to return back to the day to day, love you jmb.