Digital Intricacies • @askjelly


As the digital community grows, the interactivity between app and being is a close margin, that has become a current interest of finite pretenses. With entities offering speed, data sharing and inevitable modem promise to consumers more and more each day, the moment to participate within the technological excursion is as Duchamp, would say, and objective statement of “ready-made culture” Connectivity, now delivers ideas and thoughts to frontiers both domestic and foreign, rendering a minute concept one of broad perspectives in both reaction and existence. Enthralled by the growth; the need to incorporate my own taste and product manifestation has led to the composition of my own application and a consistent critique of the applications, offered today, testing the dexterity of communication to impressive lengths. Jelly, happens to be one of the latest apps, that has recently caught my attention, due to the news surroundings such a bold model and the successful portfolio of creator, Biz Stone.

Jelly’s mission lies in creating a concentrated network of data sharing, no not that data, …hm knowledge would be a better term. With the hopes of conjoining the intelligence of your immediate network, with your personal/public inquiries. Strategists Stone and Finkel look to supplement the now ever growing “google it” by allowing users to project their questions to friends and families and new connections. The idea promotes a better relationship between social and academic professionals, delineating  the source of knowledge to a more member apt tier. Initially trying the app, I found the interface/design to be rather clean and simple, contrasting colors used to insinuate the conversation. However, I felt the need to access Twitter and Facebook in order to build your “Jelly network” is a little overbearing. Essentially, I would have to speak to the same people and watch ideas I normally see on my wall,  grow on this app as well, certainly a catch-22. I understand that without the assisting apps, the interactivity would have stressed points of confidentiality, but it will be interesting to see how it goes, from here.

Jelly, is one of many steps creatives are employing to make our time on digital devices and mobile apps useful to one another: a mutually beneficial service. I do agree with the concept, as it speaks to the relationship between owner and device, there should always be a return intellectually or entertainment. As the trade show week closes out, I will be sure to use the app a little more. Let’s just say, I will give the Jelly one more go!