SOURCE | Valverde’s Interest

“Seek him, thou sun, in the dread wilderness, 
For that he loved thee, seek thou him and bless 
His upturned face with one divine caress.Lightly, thou wind, over his dear, dark head, 
Where now the wings of dreamless sleep are spread, 
Whisper a benediction for the dead. Softly, thou rain- and for his mother’s sake,
Shed thou thy tears on him; he will not wake, 
No weeping through that deep repose can break” – Dylan Thomas


Digital motion, leaves the jarring fantasy of performance, in a state of immense tangibility. Paralyzing verbal discourse, Arthur Valverde is one of the few contemporaries, offering his cinematic detail to the structure of prose and the endless plight found in the words of authors, musicians and sacristans of empathy.

SOURCE is a muted depiction of formidable taste, reciprocated through environment, color and texture. Valverde’s favorable gift: invoking optical enticement, is the single element which has kept, me adamant of nurturing the artist’s career, lending words of phonetic confusion to his canvas of silence paired with loud crashing movement. The senses are of vulnerable likeness and witness to a transversal state, as the subjects of the film’s study are exemplified to extents of near dissection provoking the most honest stimulation, an experience through pixelated dimensions.

The wonder of this film, lies in the excursion of the muse, the literary bounds lifted to physicality and a mode where grace and fragility can rest listlessly at the helm of Valverde’s artistic edge. As water travels throughout the film, eventually submersing the main character, you can follow the narratives fluid measure of drawn attention and realism. I find Valverde’s films a tensive space between mysticism, surrealism and tonality. I recommend this film for the tasteful and the objective, as it will cause both states to converge on a palette of minute existence.