Life’s Journey: Life Goes On | Lafayette Stokley (Letter of Appreciation)


Words From Lafayette:

“This project was truly a Journey. This same day last year I was releasing my first solo EP titled “Life’s Journey.” I’ve been in New York for a year now and I can truly say that I’ve grown both musically and personally. I feel like I welcomed listeners into the world of Lafayette Stokely with “Life’s Journey” but with “Life Goes On” I am thoroughly introduced myself. So welcome in once again and enjoy the soundtrack to my life”

Carnivorous, meager, encouraged, verse-fully trapped in a mysticism of success, a humble anecdote of a true candidate of lyricism. Rarely do I lend my words, the personal savior that is my verb tense, to the discourse of musical criticism. As these sentences unfold, please deny, the thoughts that I am a discretionary portion of what music is and what it ought to be, but I employ the role as a satirical, muse. As creatives we owe the function of our creations to become objects of spoken, yet fragile judgment, honest and calm.

Lafayette Stockley’s latest audio documentary, Life Goes On, pleads for understanding of the artist’s transgressive journey from unearthing his gifts, to leading his talents to a plateau, submersible in treacherous spirits and dispersed blessings. Limiting, the exercise of searching for a message, I listened meticulously to the artist’s idealistic compilations, as each track reverently lifts the pangs, and passion of Stokley, to a cohesive lyrical soliloquy, syllabic petals, deepened by supreme production by Segnon and the conductor of the Chapters ( I and II) Handbook. As he delivers moments of perspective pertaining to love, childhood, death and growth, he honors the limits, that fiercely, work to keep him and others alike bound….

Anger, frustration, confusion, confidence, the more, we express the fallacies of our artificial appreciation, the more transparent we lift angels of our own being to a sphere of glory…

A little note to Stokley. This again, follows no lead of a review, but I have completed the first stage, of witnessing the positioning of a young artist, in a tier of youth and stylistic eloquence. The aesthetic of the tape, smears positive worrying and stress, along with maturation on a glass of realism, that Stokley stares into everyday, before offering his cerebral to the music. For an initial listening, it breathes slowly with certain shakes of pompous, pretentious reveling, matching every dose with an intense marking of modesty. As you read this, thank you for the opportunity, for accepting my perceptions; interpretation to fruition surrounding your work. I’ll be sending another letter to your melodic documentary shortly, until then be well.


Life’s Journey: Life Goes On… | Twitter (@LDotStoke) | Lafayette Stokley….