The Sartorialist Pick of The Day


“Calme”: The Sartorialist.

Chance lifts, this shot into, a realm of coveted observance. For us, a simple documentation of your chosen hues and textures pleasure the mind’s hindsight of what we deem fashionable. This of course, is the only dialect we seem to understand, pure poetry, fabricated soliloquies of the most fragile and pure percussion. Can you hear it? The other anecdotes were in flight of complete and utter adoration but this note, this note is a just a checkpoint of where we are, and where I feel we should go. Nothing of the ensemble, will move the critics to tearful tongues of praise, but it is the mere expression of your being that has charged us to join hands in this photo. Madame, this time, we share emotion, the gaze employs us to breathe and it loses us in the shutter. Forewarned, at this point life and the visions of spirits such as yours will haunt me joyously, and push me to gain more. aesthetically more.