Stein’s Shoes, FulFilled (Gertrude Salons | Experience)

In light of Gertrude Stein’s inevitable influence on the relationship between literature, art and collection the ability to conquer the mode of communal artistic exhibition in today’s context requires doing so, through the means of experience rather than an exhilarating voyeurism of obsession. Gertrude, is one of the leading sources of collaborative presentations of work, relieved of exclusivity and deepened by the average art enthusiast who manages to create their progressive adoration with the work of peers or artists of their immediate community. As a creator of such gild and illustrative monologues, I find myself projecting intense criticism of any and every project which places its mission as one of philanthropic discovery, with a monetary gain or return of mere experience. A skeptic? Yes, but endowed with such right I am validated in all modes, since I am an avid participant of the operation Gertrude insists, or promises to highlight. Thus far, the salons that have been subjected to reservation are quite impactful, with local artists, and experimental work by emerging creatives and prominent names, with the recent salon offering of Alexandra Posen, whose work Fields has completely blown me away, subversive in color, yet vibrant in homage, there is much of the artist in the odes, than the subject’s of the creation.


“Blake”: Alexandra Posen


“Balanchine”: Alexandra Posen 

The presentation was held at Ari Lipkis’s Temp Art Space in Tribeca and one of the moving elements of the night was his role as curator, a position he impends on the hundreds of artists who wish to show in the space. All in all, Alexandra is not the only, and last salon Gertrude wishes to create for this year, in the following weeks they will also have the work of: Oliver Jeffers, and Camille Henrot, whose work differ in composition, but find collaborative spirit through their Gertrude association. I am interested to visit Henrot’s “Back from the Venice Biennale” and such will stand as my first, interaction with the artist’s work. Such embarks the quest of experience, in reward. Updates soon!