The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


Cher botanique: The Sartorialist

The sweetest account has been of the youthful ambience of words fully expressed to give you and I departure and reaction, a relationship in peculiarity. These notes, however, are the denouement, of a scene between the botanist and the lot of miscreants, style ambassadors and loose, opticians documenting the flow, fluidity of the next silhouetted beauty. I however, will acknowledge this moment as a memorial for such ignorance, and embrace the fragility, of your stature; the stoic ability of your gaze to conquer my movement.

Minimal, as one can claim this textural landscape to be, I find depth in the simplest line, hue and form that you have chosen for, the unveiling of your style armory. The sea-coast dipped wool, cloaks ideas, thoughts of the cardiac and the muscles that work to defend such theories, while the white daffodils have conjoined to give you a sleek button-down, that certainly compromises the mind’s hindsight on what “fashion” today, would employ for a camera lens such as mine. The mystic realm of white, black and brown horses, race to the protection of your cerebral, functioning as the steady stream of action you project with your honest gaze and tense smile. I embarked upon this, photo with time granted to convey you in the light, your offering.

If this is a meeting of being to being, I can convey such in the prose of a bard, the melody of the cello or the screaming shriek of a vulture after the sight of its next meal. This is all photo-realism, for me, and the botany of this chapter happens to consist of you, jolie!