Grooming: Beard or No Beard?


There is a beautiful mystifying effect when a man has two things: an effortless fit and a well groomed beard. The beard has been a staple of the gentleman’s wardrobe for years. Well of course you have your shaven men, but the stubble and long haired  warriors of the sartorial world have always had a place in the heart of fine dress and grooming. For those who prefer the the beard over the youthful glow of the shaven face, there is a certain regiment of care that one must adhere to in order to live a carefree beard lifestyle.

The growth of hair on the face has plagued man since the primal days of cavemen and the overgrowing muscle cheek fur. The difference between then and now is of course new hunting methods (supermarkets) and modern technology. Today we have many alternatives to the full length natural growth of the ordeal that is facial hair. Between the various razors available in the market, the conversation assault provided by the barbershop and the creams where can a gentleman go. The face is more than an accessory to one’s dress than any jewelry or tie bar. So in order to preserve facial civility the beard and it’s growth must have a smooth transition.


Follicle: The hair follicles on your face endure more than just shaving damage but your face is the first  part of your body that is exposed to the harsh effects of the seasons and weather change. The follicles are greatly affected by the weather change, for example the chill of the winter can dry a hair follicle to crusty existence while the humidity of the summer can lead to bumps and other blemishes in your beard area. So if you want an honest comfortable beard growth invest in a oil free exfoliant that will not only remove dead skin but smooth pores for easy hair growth.
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Combing/Brushing: Once the hair becomes to shoot downward during growth, the hair begins to grow collectively forming the beard. During this period it is crucial to even out the exfoliating and moisturizing of your face as too much exfoliating can dry out your skin and too much moisturizing can clog the pores. Most men stop here producing the five o’ clock shadow look which goes very well with the formal wear. During the middle stage of growth, the gentleman can frame the beard towards the shape of his face, or let it grow freely. I prefer a nice buzz to the face to sharpen the natural lines that form once the hair begins to grow. If you are like me this stage is just the beginning, the real battle is the full grown beard.

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Beard Royalty: You have survive the coveted “middle stage” coveted in popular menswear magazines and high fashion ads. You have chosen the beard and all of it’s tedious glory. At this point maintenance shouldn’t be a problem, as you have devoted money and time into perfecting the cultivation of your facial hair. At this point the utilization of essential grooming utensils such as the comb and brush depending on the thickness and depth of your beard. It is important to know the direction in which your hair grows in order to have effective grooming with the brush-comb duo. This stage requires minimal washing but it is good to get an organic shampoo that adheres to the demands of the hair of your scalp and face. Now you may not feel like the sharpest dandy in the beginning, but as time develops you will become comfortable with the appearance. The beard adds a sense of masculinity to your sartorial wear that can be lost on the midst of your finest dress. Not many can pull of the beard, but with proper maintanence and care the beard can provide both a new look and new style for you and your wardrobe.