The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


“L’essence Que Nous Partageons”-The Sartorialist

The hesitance of us both, watched as I dared to approach your security for the mere documentation of such a ensemble. But beyond us, is a space, a space where as you slipped on your floral escape, I asked you what has pushed you to drape your armour in such detail, you gently smiled and grabbed your book. We never acknowledge our meeting before this, trial between my lens and your emotion but as I snap away, I truly remember the brush of your textural floral inebriation, before exiting my sphere of judgment. I ask you now, if you can depict the inner sanctum of your aestheticism, the cerebral chasm of your favored garment, the interest in why the garment chose you and you simply replied yes.

The shadow, I managed to invite to your portrait shunned away from this interrogation, as it knows its place as an agent of collective guilt, mirroring what it will never be able to manifest but continuously help build the forms of others. This may be too much for a simple, style appreciative note, but I must confess you are much more so this discourse as the shadow, must mimic the same. Jolie, the petaled landscape, you so gently adhere to, is something one must take for eye’s presence while realism integrates the fantasy, of who we are and how style is a thick measure of beautiful mysticism.  The stature of a woman, who measures the success of social affluence through the paneled discussion of the day’s garb. Again, I thank you for this time, my lens, finds very little satisfaction or survival if I never offer these words to the aesthete’s children. Adieu!