Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


“Le Bruit Acceptable Pour La Femme”: The Sartorialist 

The palatable noise of the blue, inebriated, stare. This is but a minute description, what I feel when such discourse is taken, when I view your perspective, rapidly, providing dialogue for my cerebral’s understanding, of your essence. The innocence of it all..of your ensemble tests the optics of one shade, through planets of textures, bound only by the context in which we understand, as “too much” but the balance here is so soft, coveted, so sacred, you manage to encase your being in a hue of endless wonder.

I can touch you, now, with this shot, but the shield lies in the place of objectivity, you have towards this documentation. You seem a bit nervous, bold in print, the dots of confusion, yet pants of naturalistic stills of flight, you must know of the wondrous decor you have offered the audience today, you must know. Aware of the tones, the noise, the palatable noise you will conduct, once the melodies, of your fabrication are spoken of, amongst, the timer, chamber, and lens.

So eloquently, you have subjected yourself to the moderation of color, but have given endlessly in the duration and stretch of color, versus time’s restraint. You are an endless pattern, saturated by hindsight, appreciation and admiration. You are an endless pattern, endless in detail, endless in texture and extending my love for your style by posing for this photo, merçi…xx