Feeling of “The” Yesterday..

Thank you, but this time, I was unable to measure, what was more important my life, or you know the lives of those who I know will outlive me, outlive my physical being, will dictate how the literature, program specials, memorials and institutions will treat my work and what I have accomplished. These days the more you look into my eyes, the less I have to say, and the more you think of me as the reclusive, the more I speak to you. I never wanted to be the martyr, but I will continue to profess my love for the pain of others,  and inheriting as my own, so that they will never have to hurt again.These children, I mean, they know objectivity, the best feeling is when their eyes close and their imaginations curate what life should be, well I mean, should this not be the best method for us to proclaim sanity, or should we continue to function with eyes, open, yet closed, best in keeping what we need away and what we should deter, in the sphere of ignorance. I had the plan wrong this whole time, it is not for me to compete anymore, not to transpire my energy towards a race, but instead, using my minutes, well my hours and days to continue my existence of surviving intellectually, from this point on, selfless is selfish and everything from such point on will just be a gesture of favor. I love.