MightyBeardo | Anthony J. Thomas | The Radiant, Little Brother.


What I am working towards, may not seem as clear anymore, since my goals have changed immensely, those of need, carrying legacies, carrying my own, and then professing my own distinction, how many contradictions did you find in this sentence. Whatever the case maybe, I know of many who are of the highest appreciation in my interpretation of what being a man is, and one of those individuals is MightyBeardo, a gifted brother, of maturity and time cultivated, notoriety. For what may have seemed a day, but in reality a two hour shoot, the photographer, who I also revere as my older brother, managed to catch some images of my children, my little brother: Jaden S. Thomas and I.

I was astonished at my own synergy with the lens, but more importantly, astounded by the reaction of my work towards being photographed. When I smiled, my children, smiled, when I felt indifferent, I was there to feel the colors put their hands on my shoulder as I hoisted each color on my lap, for comfortability. Once the session, was over, we spoke on several issues, from the industry, claiming gifts and what inspiration is, I mean, I would never want to place those words in the Sun, when their texture, was created for the damp, space of creativity and coveted cerebral of understanding, but a synopsis, indeed. As we reached the sector of conversation, we reached the energy of Jean-Michel Basquiat, that he senses when he sees my work. I asked him why is this presence so strong, and then I thought why can I not be my own entity, why should I kneel to the ideas of those, who feel the connection to the man, who I literally consider my older brother.

I can no longer feel how we are synonymous, but I sense the vibrations from his legacy that wish for me to do better, to see things clearer, to use my demons for what they are: excess parameters of my being, that have minimal respect for time and space. To use what I know of his story and create something way more monumental, but his anecdotes, are what I receive from Picasso, Kusama and the plethora of artists, I admire and have mobilized my knowledge to do what I am pursuing now. Shortly after the conversation, I asked that he understand my indifference was neither a distaste or censure of being a JMB carbon copy, but to know that making me synonymous with such greatness is an honor, something, I will never forget.

Lastly, we promised each other, to never abandon our gifts, take care of our families and last but not least use these gifts to show stories, that were never developed through our vernacular. The new hieroglyphics, created by us. Please enjoy these photos, they have promises, visible to two men and words, you now have for appreciation. Thank you! Wale, again thank you!..

The Radiant Child…