GoodMorning, Glory

Thought you knew, thought you knew why I am here, why I touched the strings of your melody with my own composition, and why I appreciated your most honest notes. I watched the mountains kiss and the volcanoes weep, tears of relief and confusion. I started to build this world, and it was for serenity, my own. Singular solace, this was the first time, I saw the wear and tear of another’s heart on my own vessel. When you speak of Anthony, tell the crowd, he wanted to know what made perception so vulnerable, what made his tears become so heavy and why for the remainder of his life, he concretely understood that hurting others, is something he will never enjoy. It feels as if this is all, redundant, you know story told before, but I have an incredible need to tell these stories, because I honestly have no one that can visit my cerebral with me. I rather have it this way, this is the chapter of understanding.


The Libertine