Goodmorning, Glory

Wearing your emotions out, wearing them until they begin to turn another color, until they no longer become safe. When you learn of the beautiful tears and the damaging smiles, the wondrous makeup smears and the illustrious frowns. See you are an author, as we all are, writing notes and creating literary chapters of what affects us the most. It seems as if 90% of our lifetime, depends on branding, advertising your interests and projecting those upon others. Selling what you deem, will represent you the best way, never forgetting why you enjoy such things, but ignoring what inspired you to admire. Most of the time, you lose the legs of failure and gain the mind, this is the most dangerous point, when failure can no longer mobilize itself in you, it does so with the cerebral, and sits, creates a home and marries doubt, creating offspring depressive and sometimes self-inflicting. I know of their matrimony and hear successful stories of their divorce. Never have I ever found a love so rudely invested in the demise of an angel. I can honestly say, more so in these times, today, I walk the alleys listlessly creating colors for what is to come, the generation still in the clubs, doing the drugs and closing the door, creating the next step in advancement, the children of tomorrow. Beauty, enclosed. lopo