Bill Cunningham’s Form Analysis | Picasso, Matisse and Comme des Garçon

Bill Cunningham is revered as one of the most prolific and charismatic characters of our culture. Never shy, always quaint and known to dodge the onslaught of appreciation, he receives while out and about, he never fails to amaze me, as his work is a testimony of passion outweighing time and space. Defining culture with each photograph, each article and visual anecdotes such as this, Cunningham’s keen sense of culturally remarkable trends and changes of favor within the arts, is something most of us still coveting the OG’s of the scene, love to see.

Bill is an art purveyor, connoisseur  and critic, his revelations and comparisons analyzing the world of fashion and the masters is something rarely found today…I mean in a form away from tailored speech and idea but where you can literally see and hear the stream of consciousness. This video reminded me why I adore individuals such as Bill, he represents what there is a lack of today, well at least what my ignorance finds of intense dietary need, he has spunk, charisma, intelligence but above all else, class.

His comparison of  Comme des Garçon’s Chief Designer Rei Kawakubo and the creative’s A/W ’12 collection of monochromatic, geometric outwear with the likes of Pablo Picasso and Matisse,  strips the guise of fashion as a medium inspired by fabrication and advancements, but an institution lifted by art and the predecessors who have devised systems, enabling more fluid detail and clothing construction. As short as this video is, it has an substantial amount of curated report, that can help anyone finding themselves lost in the juxtaposition, between fashion and art. Thanks Bill!

Comme des Garçons

Paper Mag.