Rockie Fresh | Electric Highway | 2.12.13 @RockieFresh


Maybe it is more my style to gravitate towards music that expresses severe cases of acclimation or music that captures the spirit of humbleness in a productive light. Rockie Fresh’s recent release: Electric Highway is one, if not the only tape; collection of music that expresses the “give me my credit” vibe with an air of modesty, fluidly set in motion with production by today’s most prominent producers from Lifted to Lunice of the supergroup TNGHT.

The tape is more so an effect of hard work and the opening track “Future” embodies the term of authenticity and gratification to a “T”. The tape could stand noteworthy as an EP, needless to say the catalogue is an incredible amount of finely tailored tracks, curated by Rockie Fresh’s laxadaxical, yet engaging flow.

If you have a favorite track let the artist know: @RockieFresh. Congrats on the deal, brother. The success of one inspires many and gives several, hopes of building an empire to help supplement yours and a muse of doing better.