Anthony J.Thomas | Aura Taylor | TeeShotMe Photography | 1.19.13

Exactly three weeks ago, I was blessed to style a shoot consisting of the finely tailored garments of emerging high fashion brand Aura Taylor, a recent feature of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and wonderfully curated aesthetic. Presented with the opportunity by Tiana Anderson (TeeShotMe) of TeeShotMe Photography, I managed to grasp the concept of the shoot and to much prevail, execute the styling to an almost flawless degree. The model Katelyn O’ Donnell, is a beautiful spirit, who is comfortable in her own skin off and on camera.  We captured the majority of the photography in the confinement of The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, yeah I know. In any rate, here are some of the photos, from the shoot, the rest lie here: TeeShotMe.

_DSC5303 _DSC5322 _DSC5489 _DSC5527 _DSC5537 _DSC5565
@TeeShotMe | @TheBedStuyDandy | 2013.