Gagosian NYC | Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition | 2.7.13

The beginning of the evening never seemed so electric, I mean there was more than just the opening of an exhibition of one of the most prolific artists of the 1980’s but, there was also a sense of welcoming, to a spirit that once roamed the downtown streets of NYC using the disposal of others and the gifts of the most high to create a world, of freedom, satire, spiritual politics and race through a diverse catalogue.

Honestly, given the night, you know being the first day of New York Fashion Week and the humidity in the air, I measured a more crowded scene in my mental but the there seemed to be fluidity amongst the crowd, enabling more than 7, 000 people to fit cohesively in the gargantuan exhibition space of the art world’s own Larry Gagosian. I failed to see Larry, but his assistants and gallery hands, made sure their presence was more than noticed but felt…hence the beautiful woman, consistently patting my back, to be aware of the pieces on the wall. I mean I could not help it, I felt at home. It was only right, for me to hug, every piece there.

Amongst the art purveyors, lied many figures of the same era Jean-Michel soaked up and spit out onto the canvas, from time to time. Those present: Michael Holman, Fab 5 Freddy, Stephen Torton, Swizz Beats, Diego Cortez, I believe I saw Rene Ricard run towards a few pieces, well I saw a yellow scarf around his neck, so yeah it was him…In any rate, it was amazing to see the turn out, multiple groups fawning and admiring of the over 50 piece collection of both private and public donations.

As expected, I was unable to take in all of the work but I did take time to marvel over “Riding With Death” one of the last paintings Basquiat produced in the year of his death. The more spiritual side of the night, happened in my hand as it was suspended from taking photos, personal decision, until the last three minutes of the reception, I managed to snap this….

jmb-1 copy

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s exhibition will take reservation at the Gagosian, until 4.6.13, so you guys know I will have more photos, I promise. Well as long as my big brother JMB says it is okay.