Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


“Jean est partout, mais le style Repose-“: The Sartorialist 

The distinct features of the past are always and forever will be, serve as the cultivation; platform for the future to exhale freely. The fabric of our culture, the colored culture, is broken when we find accordance in the hues of each other’s fine fabrics and style admiration. Resonating more than a  perfectly tuned fit, we are conducting lectures of history, in any fashion we seem necessary to express. A certain thirst to break away from the mundane, the normal and you know…give a nod to your own taste, the personally curated taste of self. What is left unsaid is expelled into the seams of your favorite garment, your coveted fabric and the stories you issue, when you deliver such into the world.

Shearling, is the guardian of historical men in the realm of work and fashion. The worker’s jacket and the child’s muse. The use of shearling is one of little assistance and incredible flair. You, are presenting yourself on a pillar of fabrication and strength. Classic luxury, simple aesthetic and more importantly all in your possession. The color palette, is but a relationship between tones of rustic remembrance and uniformity. Another portrait but, provided the portrait of a fellow dandy. Cheers!