Goodmorning, Glory

Wait, close your eyes with me, I mean just feel my words in their natural light, umm their own body. I am if you will, configuring. Calibrating, this will. This will, you know if you will..if you will grab the attention of those who are drowning like you, tend to, when the darkness swamps, the psyche of the gifted. The will to have a place in the chess game, this monopoly of sorts. I quit playing the popularity card with my dealt hand, I am quitting playing the race card, the card to beat anyone, to the goal. I am quitting my permissive spirit to let negativity consume, well the days it decides too. I will, breathe out the nearest window, because it tends to get a bit stuffy in here, a lot of sorrow, a lot of blood on the floor, and since it’s always dark here, I manage to fall reaching for a floor that fails to hold me up, but rather assemble to dissemble. This window, if I did not have you, I mean if God didn’t provide so for me, I would become part of this floor, naked, dead, part of the ground, brown, on brown, another case of horrible color blocking. Brown never really looked good on me.