Goodmorning, Glory

“All artists invent things. The best ones change everything”

The driven course of intuition is curated for self, yourself, your…self being. Being exemplifies existence, but I truly need to live in my own realm as of now, a cubist existence, a sampling of inspirational beauty, conceptual beauty and the aesthete’s power to see things through the eye, not molded. This is an existentialist rambling, you know how one can say, what is life, what is time, the figment of time, where is time in relationship to life. Managing to build everything your empire needs, everything your insides need…man I know…this is a bit loose but the state I am in, calls for so, I am not in the element of my own, but cerebral as I am…I can never really leave, where I am. Yes, you can never really leave where you were, just cultivate anecdotes of history, measurable for those who will not understand the vision. Because, when they cannot understand the vision their closest supplement is history.

The Libertine