Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


Madame laissant Lanvin, 25/01/12: The Sartorialist

I am in familiarity with these…I mean, I have seen the rapidly structured departure, of a fashion show’s glory, but as quickly as you have escaped the trenches of such, I have the right, or the desirable right to photograph you, in the earnest lens. The winter palette illuminates, the beauty, the stoic beauty, you recline in the downward gaze as one to solidify the presence and our appreciation of your ensemble, I appreciate your ensemble, as I you know, I should.

The horse hued tranquility you have in your boots, your greater footwear is what I deem confidence. These are the pillars in which you used to encase your fit in sartorial glory, seeing why your prominence rests here. The layers are few, but the color blocking returns the favor, the favor of style etiquette as you so respectfully placed the blues in proper conjunction and prefatory function. Yet, the grays compliment such grouping with recluse ease, as the fabric climbs to the reliable print of the bengal and your clutch, the beautiful print of python. The two are once again in the same field of nature this time, the aesthetic nature of style. They must in this life, work together to use their beauty to enhance yours, as you return the favor with notable wear.

All of these things, one cannot capture in the lens of the camera, but the lens of the cerebral, my cerebral. The use of what I call these things, have to be in the mind of those who are inclined to understand style but also the philosophy of fashion. You are beautiful madam, jolie, you are. This is the not the only factor to revel in, but I can take a glimpse to notice the vessel that lives so comfortably in her own nature, the nature of self…the “sartorialist self”