Goodmorning, Glory

The more, you gradually grab your own dreams, you notice things about yourself..that you may have not known before. You learn that some things, are indebted to you, because you have the mind to bring such things to light in the most fashionable manner, to your gifts. There is not much I can derive from, in the midst of what I can and cannot build. I was unsure of what to call this, a note to the morning or a look at, you know, this journey through the lens of a day, that was blessed and filled with joy. You know the space, the space when you feel something of not your own being can be affecting you, well take you to a place of, losing who you know. I learn each day of fallacies in my own character and hands that play endless melodies of damage on my psyche, am I brave enough to tell them to stop, am I? I am a child, this child, that child, we all want to be a child, for those who we love. Notes of genuine, discretion…


The Libertine