Goodmorning, Glory

A boy, a boy a boy. I am for sure a boy, becoming something much more than a man. That is such a frivolous term, a “man” what does such a term compliment and the nature of such word? Is it detrimental, is it for empowerment or danger. I have been blessed this weekend, to learn some invaluable lessons.

Would you care for me to share? I can, I can..okay, SO Friday, to much avail I learned much of what the brain endures is of strenuous exercise to build dexterity for the weak thoughts and the strong.

Saturday, I learned, the project I am building is an actual figment of survival for both I, my psyche and health. Alcohol was more so a pit of misery, as the truth unveiled itself to lie in the passion of those who watched, at times I question those solid vessels, but I pray for the right answers.

Sunday…enjoy the simple things, spread positivity and continue to feed, devour and preserve remnants of love, well your love. Always listen to the voices who snatch the glory away from others through you, or point out past evils that made your life a broken road of poor discourse and anger. These voices know your weak spot, and wish to wound and scrape until the bone of destruction becomes exposed. So caution, caution, and send them to chambers of lost words, because you do not need them. These lessons were of immense of understanding, regardless of confusion or indistinguishable messages. ”

“These angels know no limits, but the ground can crush a wing faster than a cloud”

Kait x 1.19.13