Chanté DeLong For AfricaInAmerica: Reprise | 12.17.12

As my family continues to grow, I learn of more individuals who wish me well, the welfare of my artistry and covet who I am, as a spirit as well as a friend. Chanté DeLong, author of Hey Hey Chante, has supported my work since the first time, I presented my children to the world, in the manner most comfortable. Since expressing immediate satisfaction and admiration of her work, I fell in love with the rapport, she carried in regards to her site and being.

The first case of our work interacting was the coverage of AfricaInAmerica: Art Collective Exhibition of 2012, personally my second exhibition of 2012 featuring the works of Carissa Bledsoe, Howard Borden and Amanda Spruill. DeLong’s coverage was incredibly detailed and screamed journalism…new age you know. She was actually one of the very few who covered the exhibition, and my first interview in regards to my children and their cultivation. Pleased by the writing, photography and beauty of honest character, I invited her back for the coverage of my solo exhibition, as you guys know: AfricaInAmerica: Reprise | 12.17.12.

One of the more personal and intimate settings of gallery exhibition, Chanté arrived prompt, and showed love through every element of her character, and this I appreciated very much so. In the following week, we met in order to do the normal interview thing, and if anything the interview was calm, in-depth and I was comfortable. ONE OF MY MOST HONEST INTERVIEWS TO DATE, this is to much adieu and growth in learning DeLong’s work. I could just paste the article here, but nope too easy….but I can provide the link: AfricaInAmerica: Reprise | 12.17.12

Well wishes, check your shoulders, these angels know no limits….

Chante x Insp

Hey Hey Chante