Goodmorning, Glory

I feel as if you know more about love than I do, more about letting go and losing yourself in bliss more than I do. It is not because of sheer ignorance but because of internal understanding…developmental understanding. I never grasped the concept of hate, I could never grasp such a strong term of little to no endearment, but in a more regal sense, angels are hated because of being loved so much and not being able to give such back in return.

Am I hated? Well think of how many hearts still love you, subtract your presence and let them hear of your new tastes, new loves and hopes and I think they will tell you on some nights, they “hate”,  other nights “passionately disgusted” and other nights supremely in love.

That my friend is the maniacal nature we live in, the insane, coy, madness of love. I love so many people away from sexual affiliation, or romance but just really, well being. A figure of natural equivalence of all individuals in my eyes, I know there are those who just want me to love a little more, I ask them for time to allow my narrative to carve out such things, in reality and away from fiction. WE CANNOT STAY (MAD) FOR LONG.

Brandon Sun (1)