Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

“La gent vestimentaire”: The Sartorialist

Around this time of year, Florence’s surface is covered with the stylish, characters of beautiful visual prose. The need to capture such is just what the eye and mind coordinate in communion to create a memory.

The mind toggles smells, fabric, words and etc. to configure something of remembrance, but my dear gent, your fabrication is of the familiar but yet distinct. The poet’s uniform met with the comfortability and rapport of the artist. The medium between character, image and personality; how did you conceive.

Reclusive brown, you have employed so for the elongation of the program that is your ensemble. The listless overture of your pants length is obvious yet, detailed to the pretentiousness of your ignorance. The finite wool of your sweater possibly the softest texture, of your wardrobe captured by my lens.

The flair lacks…very minimal but the character and personality screams through each fabric, your fabric. This shot was more than a fabric motif, but it was indeed a tribute to an honest conveyance of personality and style. Dear gent, I bid you farewell and an entertaining fashion week.