Goodmorning, Glory

I don’t know I feel like, I have the most indelible sense of rejoice, angst and anxiety: I lay most of my life in the hands of a server in another country but why? I feel as if this is where they will feel my spirit the most, feel the most of what I cannot show in the form of pictorial measure and what I hide from my own psyche from time to time.

It is beautiful there, beautiful where I am, beautiful where you stand….where you lay. If these days teach you anything, let them tell you their desire: to watch your defeat or survival. If there is one lesson I ask you to adhere to, or grasp, it may be this…please never mistaken the recluse as anti-social, unsociable, or ignorant as the mind projects much more on the body, than you could ever imagine.

More than you can conjure, the cerebral children of light, raise your head to the Sun, it was made for us, dark days help distinguish where light can lead you and what light can blind you, if you get me. I mean if you really understand please let me know, I ask very little, but I love you.


The Libertine